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1   Link   Oh dear - what we predicted came true and they dont like it!
When we first pitched the idea to the various players, back in 2002, as it was so soon after 9/11 we argued that it would lead to more traceable payments, and bring the untraceable hawala money into the "system" - looks like we got there :) (They can ban it for a while but it will prevail)
2   Link   ICTlogy » ICT4D Blog » Public Internet Access Points: impact vs. sustainability
A little theoretical but..... :)
3   Link   Mobile Operators and Blue Gum Trees «Many Possibilities
Ah, Thanks Steve. :)
4   Link   Book launch reported in New African!
Very cool. getting onto a plane for Ethiopia and picked up a magazine, saw it had an article about mobile banking, realised it was about our work and UNECA book launch! Nothing like seeing your name in unexpected print. :)
5   Link   About Square
Ooo! VERY interesting. :)
6   Link   Books about Development
There are only three books on this site but they should all be compulsory reading for anyone in development - and all three can be read in 10 mins!!!
7   Link   Markets By Country -Europe -Long-Haul -USA
provides detailed information on trends in internet usage by tourists and travellers in individual countries.