Where do projects lead - Informal learning
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Friday, 04 November 2011 20:11
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Came across this interesting paper which talks about how using ICTs in development contexts can lead to many different types of informal learning, that is, learning where nobody set out to teach anything. This makes you wonder what some of the hidden benefits to some of our projects may have been.

For example, the Digital Bridges project we undertook a few years back was concerned with helping local centres to deliver training to improve employment prospects for the poorest. The local partners successfully created and distributed digital training media meeting the objectives. But what else did they learn? Just simply, the increased computing confidence that might have been learned during the project may lead to an individual accessing health information, or starting to sell online, or starting to lobby their government. Likewise Gamos' early work to lay the ground for the m-payments revolution could have countless informal learning opportunities for the millions that now use mobile based money transfers and banking.

Who knows where these things lead?

Check out the paper in question here

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