Social Impact of Mobiles - top research reports
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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 18:42
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The GSMA Development Fund's 2008 report "Research on the Economic and Social Impact of Mobile Communications in Developing Countries" lists one of our reports as one of the Top 20 studies in this area. The report referred to is "The Economic Impact of Telecommunications on Rural Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction: a study of Rural Communities in India, Mozambique, and Tanzania" (which can be found on the website).

The research project was part of a longer term collaboration between Gamos and the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO), and interestingly enough, the full GSMA report also highlights a couple of other Gamos publications that draw on previous research:

- "The Use of Telephones Amongst the Poor in Africa: some Gender Implications"

- "The Impact of Mobile Phones in Africa"

The research project was fiunded by the UK DFID under its Knowledge and Research (KaR) scheme (which has since been replaced), so thanks to DFID for having the foresight to support this valuable kind of research.

In addition to Gamos and the CTO, the research partnership included ictDA, COSTECH (Tanzania), Indian Institution of Managements (Ahmedabad), and MICTI (Mozambique).